Bullying can happen during sports too

Most all sports require assertiveness, strength, strategy and the ability to impose one’s own will over someone else’s. When athletics are performed in a controlled environment, with supervision and on a fair and level playing field in conjunction with sportsmanship, there are many benefits for the players, coaches, parents and spectators.

Over the last three years there has been a huge increase in the number of high school and middle school basketball and football players attacking players, referee’s, coaches including their own and spectators! While physical attacks are clearly assaults, there is often a buildup of these explosive emotions caused by on court and on field posturing and bullying. When these behaviors go unchecked, the results are often shocking.

Clearly visible by anyone paying attention during a game, posturing and bullying have somehow become an accepted part of the sporting world. Social media has been the biggest catalyst for this bad behavior and each outburst can be immediately viewed on the various social media platforms. No one is suggesting violating the First Amendment however as long as there is an appetite for posturing and bullying video in athletics these antics and assaults will continue to happen. One solution, athletes should be ejected immediately for any conduct that is questionable. The quicker players are removed for bad behavior the quicker those offenders will learn to control themselves and pass on social media moments…..

Unchecked bullying in our schools needs to be addressed and stopped and everyone must be made aware that it is totally unacceptable in the classroom, basketball court and football field.

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