Bullying outside of school

At its most basic level, bullying is behavior that hurts or harms another person. It can be physical, emotional or psychological. It can occur between friends or within groups, either in-person or online. Bullying can be overt and direct, with physical behavior such as fighting, hitting or name-calling, or it can be covert, with social interactions such as gossip or exclusion. And it doesn’t just happen at school. As the summer break rapidly approaches and students try to enjoy their summer vacation there’s an uptick in cyberbullying which can be just as hurtful and bullying that occurs in person. 

Parents need to remain vigilant during the break and remain mindful of any signs of bullying. Many students attend summer school where bullying can sometimes more easily take place because teachers and faculty tend to have a lower awareness and a higher student to teacher ratio. All students deserve to be free of bullying and feel safe. If you think your child has been a victim of bullying seek help immediately, do not take a passive stance. If necessary, file a report with your local police department. 

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