How Can Parents and Schools Combat Bullying?

Because school is a common place for bullying, schools may have a variety of tactics for handling bullying among their students. Some schools may encourage students to speak up if they see bullying happening or are experiencing bullying while others may tell students to stay out of it and not get involved. Either way, it’s important for parents to work with their child’s school to effectively combat bullying.

If parents reach out to the school, or vise versa, open communication regarding bullying incidents is crucial. The parents of all children involved, those being bullied and those doing the bullying, should meet and openly discuss what is going on. All in all, talking about bullying, why it’s occurring, and how to stop it can go a long way. School staff should act quickly if they notice bullying occurring. Better yet, they should teach their students not to bully and what to do if they are being picked on. Seminars, presentations, and even talking with students individually about the negative impacts of bullying can go a long way.

There are programs, and even certain types of technology, schools can invest in to catch and prevent bullying. Bullying impacts children severely. From physical pain to emotional trauma, it’s important to help those who have experienced bullying. So whether you’re a parent, a student, or a school staff member, always do your best to look for warning signs of bullying and take action quickly.

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