No One Is Immune To Harassment and Bullying

Students are bullied for a number of reasons, which include but are not limited to race, religion, popularity, intelligence, vulnerability, isolation, physical characteristics, economic circumstances, disabilities and success. 

Some people argue that changing behaviors and appearances to mitigate bullying is the answer in reducing incidents; however the real answer is identifying, reporting and changing the behavior of the bully. Actions need to have consequences and without reporting, bullying situations tend to get worse; they do not magically get better without intervention.     

Although often over looked, successful students get targeted for bullying frequently and even when reported, school administrators tend to dismiss these incidents due to the perception that successful students can’t be bullied… because they are successful which somehow negates the bullying in the minds of these administrators. Nevertheless, it does happen and it happens far more than it is reported. There is a stigma attached to the successful students and it is that those students do not need help and they are expected to deal with the bullying on their own. This stereotyping by school administrations needs to be addressed and corrected. Often, the results of whom are being targeted and bullied are surprising to school officials.

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